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The scope defines the range of our certification activities related to management systems according to the 39 areas listed in ISO/IEC Guide 62, Annex 1, or other scheme specific regulations where they exist. A list of accredited scopes is maintained and made available to interested parties when requested.


The Organisation of Certification Services, Liability and Impartiality


Our accredited certification services are available to all client organisations within the accredited scope and operated in a non- discriminatory manner with zero toleration of undue financial or other conditions offered as a method of discrimination.


A Business Risk Analysis will be performed for any new office, certification scheme or scope to consider threats that could impact on the business regarding liability or impartiality.


The Supervision Board & Impartiality Committee is comprised of members who are selected from among those interests involved in certification and can collectively represent a balanced view without any dominating interest. The Supervision Board has a structure that safeguards impartiality and welcomes the input of all represented parties into the functioning of the certification scheme.


The Supervision Board & Impartiality Committee is responsible for the performance of certification activities by approving certification policy and monitoring its implementation, which is implemented by our Managing Director and all of our employees. An Impartiality Review Representative reports on our performance to the Supervision Board & Impartiality Committee through periodic meetings.


Global Cert International is a wholly owned and a privately held, independent limited company. Funding for GCI activities comes from payments for certification services. Any additional funding and overdraft facilities are provided by GCI from reserves, overdraft facilities or shareholder funds.


Within the GCI, there are ‘offices’ (defined as wholly or partly owned by GCI) and ‘agencies’ (defined as operating under a license agreement with GCI but not having any ownership by GCI). Together these form the local representatives of GCI.



Agency offices therefore act as sub-contractors to GCI (also referred to as “Partners”), who are selected in accordance with our procedures and subject to ongoing monitoring through internal audit and competency requirements. A list of the approved agency offices will be maintained by GCI along with records related to internal audit and competency.

Ownership and Licence Agreements


The provision of GCI’s ICC accredited certification services is the same for both offices and agencies which form GCI local and are referred to as GCI(X) throughout the GCI certification system. In line with this setup and structure, GCI is divided into its central/group certification management function and its SERBIA-based assessment function which is also referred to as GCI(X).


Global Cert International (GCI) does not provide management consultancy. This applies to all GCI operations that are part of the same legal entity (offices) and those that are covered by license agreement (agencies).


All GCI local operations are required to complete an impartiality declaration as part of their Licence agreement prior to commencing their working relationship within the GCI Group.


All relationships in existence with any member of the GCI Group must be declared to GCI Central for review and analysis relating to any threat to impartiality in GCI’s provision of assessment and certification services. Such information will be presented to the GCI Impartiality Committee for further review and analysis.


When a relationship is deemed to pose an unacceptable threat to impartiality, then certification will not be provided to any organisation affected by this threat.


What we don’t do: 

  •      Certify another certification body for its management system certification activities
  •     Knowingly be marketed or offered as linked by any organisation that provides management system consultancy. Appropriate action will be taken where this situation is identified, particularly if this includes inappropriate claims by that organisation that our services will be favourable in terms of simplicity, ease, cost or speed if approached through that consultancy organisation
  •    State or imply that our services will be favourable in terms of simplicity, ease, and cost or speed if a particular consultancy organisation is used


What we do:


  •     Require all personnel whether directly employed by us, or through an agreement or contract with us, to declare any situation known to them that may be a conflict of interest in performing their duties
  •     Appraise our finances and sources of income and periodically demonstrate to the Supervision Board and Impartiality Committee that commercial, financial or other pressures have not compromised our impartiality.


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Administration Manager

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